Cancer – The biggest, baddest trend going

Cancer was the topic of the day in my circle. One horrible, one hopeful.

My beautiful, young (51), tough as nails aunt passed away on Tuesday after a 20 year battle with Leukemia, the drugs, a bone marrow transplant and a double lung transplant. The report may say rejection of lungs as a cause of death, but we know that is not the case.

I moved away from home the week the news hit her and so was not a part of her battle. My sisters, mom and her immediate famiy lived with her ups and downs. I am not easily moved for too many reasons to write, but was shaken by the funeral and eulogies. My sister whispered to me that she just hated the thought of and was afraid of death. She raised a son that gave the best eulogy I will ever hear. You can’t help but weep and be moved by her fears, her strength and her son’s words. Her attitude and strength are an inspiration to me going forward. She won’t be forgotten.

From the funeral I went to visit a close childhood friend who is recovering as well as one could from a rare bone cancer in his jaw.

Make no mistake, our doctors are bold and brave and are doing things that sound impossible, taking a piece of his backbone to rebuild the removed jaw. But it is his awesome attitude that will be the difference as he whips the big C.

Our sons are the same age and we have a lot of time to catch up this summer and I look forward to it.

A day to remember what is important on my short stay on earth.

Attitude is everything. EVERYTHING!


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