Capturing Growth and Momentum…The Stocktwits 50

The subject of growth in startups is up for discussion recently with Paul Graham starting and now Fred Wilson adding to it.

They are both must reads and you should bookmark them.  

Of course, these are not the definitive and only voices on the subject, but with their track records and focus, they are not a bad place to start.

When Phil, Ivan and I were thinking of our own list of public companies that would help investors zero in stocks with the greatest momentum and growth prospects, we came up with the Stocktwits 50. Investor’s Business Daily had long had a list of 100 weekly which inspired us. We felt 100 was too many and decided to narrow our list to 50.

Ivan and I continue to talk about, design and think through a blog/website that ‘captures’ the world’s momentum in one spot. It’s a big vision and tough to complete. The ingredients are mostly available for free right now. AngelList, Paul Graham, TechStars, Fred Wilson’s Blog, Brad Feld and other VC’s, TechMeme (what tech writers are thinking and talking about) and now The Stocktwits 50 that aims to connect all these dots with actual prices, company metrics and now social statistics (click around on our grid to see).

I know that these are all connected and just a handful of us are looking at all the data and slowly connecting them. It’s thrillling.

Enjoy it while you can.

I am asked all the time from our users why we share this stuff for free. Mostly, I believe that no matter how much you give away, people won’t believe or use the tools.

You can lead a horse to water…