Carpe Volatility – Getting Ready for 2019

I love market volatility. It helps usher in new trends.

My friend Jack Damn pointed out this volatility stat on Stocktwits today:

There’s been 6 days this quarter when stocks completely reversed an intraday move of at least 1%, the most such swings since 2011

You know what happened in 2012 after markets calmed down…FAANG. Yes, Facebook (bottomed after IPO in 2012), Apple, Amazon ($170 in 2012), Netflix (started 2012 at $12), and Google went on incredible runs.

The run culminated in 2017 which was a gift for so many investors that were not too greedy. The crypto craze was silly and sweet too.

The year 2018 has been a grind for most and a disaster for many.

I have no idea what the markets have in store for us in 2019, but my hunch is ‘code your way out of anything’ will not work as well as this past boom.

It won’t be enough to have the best product, or best engineers. The people that get most creative with the tools created in this last boom are going to be very big winners.

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