‘Cashtagging’ at All-Time Highs on Stocktwits…and Markets Do Go Down!

A lot of magical things are happening for people that love investing and markets on the social web.

I am long this chart:

Message Volume copy

It is not a stock, but I am proud of this pattern. Stocktwits messaging (we call ‘Cashtagging’) is at all-time highs. It is accelerating. I read it as people loving the Stocktwits platform. Our engagement has always been high, but we are growing faster than ever.

As an investor and always trying to improve trader, I get ideas from my stream 24/7. Actionable ideas that I take and share. Here is one from last night I took this morning on $TQNT. Though I am not a ‘technical trader’ I know the semiconductors are strong, I like Stewie, know that he will tell me when he pulls the trigger and will manage my own risk. The order flow that Stocktwits creates is something that the brokers have not embraced, but they will not ignore it in 2014.

At Stocktwits we get thank-you’s all the time, but this one was funny and cool:


Jan. 21 at 6:39 AM

@ChartsDontLie @howardlindzon This kid will address Mr. Lindzon by sir. Thank you sir again for the site. With it, I started a new career.

Now that so many people with such diverse backgrounds are sharing and communicating on Stocktwits, more new careers and opportunities can magically happen.

On Twitter this has been happening for a few years already. Today, a real smart, sweetheart of a guy Ben Evans, accepted an amazing gig at A16z. Ben and Marc Andreesen have great senses of humor.

Ben is on Stocktwits, but it’s cool to see him engage with everyone on his blog and Twitter and his podcast. In the last year he has used the social web to explode (in a good way) his talents and brand.

Wall Street and CNBC think it’s cool that Carl Icahn Tweets an occasional idea (always his own blatant agenda – nothing wrong with that), but they miss the fact that the Venture Capitalists, Investors and Traders are using these products all day and now with Marc Andreesen and team A16z are sharing technology wisdom 24/7 on Twitter. It’s up to all of us to connect these dots which have never been more in the open. Take a look at how Wall Street still does research with this drivel from Stifel on Twitter. No edge.

Another way I use Stocktwits and Twitter combined is understanding the stock behavior and sentiment and setups on Stocktwits with the product sentiment on Twitter. For example, I am long $GOGO for my fund recently. The stock is weak. On Stocktwits, I see everyone talk about the stock and the price and the setups to get a feel for the price and volume. On Twitter I can hear the good, the bad and the ugly from a large batch of customers about the product and service. The other research I might need to do is commodity information I can get at 100 sites.

As for the markets, the tape remains strong. Shortsellers are making some money in retail stocks. This market continues to offer something for everyone.

We have not seen a 10 percent S&P correction in 408 days. I am enjoying it, but too old to believe we won’t get smacked in the head sometime soon.

Maybe it’s Net-Neutrality, maybe it’s just exhaustion. Failure does happen, even amongst startups with the best of breeding.

Let’s be on alert.


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