Catching Up On Bitcoin….and Sleep

It’s been a miserable few days for Bitcoin, but at $8,400 Bitcoin is still up over 100 percent on the year.

To catch up on the state of crypto I invited Farbood (CEO and founder of Coinmine) back on my podcast. Farbood was my first podcast guest back in April of this year and the timing was great as Bitcoin was at $5,000 and Farbood explained why he was so bullish.

The notes for the show are below but not included in the notes is the first 10 minutes where Farbood and I catch up on the topic of sleep. Farbood is a great sport as you will see.

Here is an audio link to the show. You can also watch/listen on YouTube here. The podcast is easy to find on the Apple podcast app or Spotify as well.

Farbood and I discuss:

– What it’s like being on the show for a second time

– Oura Ring

– Bitcoin hash rate at an all time high

– What drove the rise of Bitcoin

– Memetic value

– What gets Farbood excited about Ethereum?

– Robinhood

– Coinmine updates

– What is ‘Handshake’?

– Why you shouldn’t know who is creating crypto

– How many people work at Coinmine?

– Thoughts on Shopify

– Running his business with Opensource?

– 8th and 9th level of the internet

– Citizen tech