Catching up on Google and Augmented Reality versus Virtual Reality…

For years Google has been my tech ETF of choice.

I am keeping a close eye right now because Google (the stock) is at an important point.

My friend Raoul posted a good chart on the stock with this note:

If anyone is in doubt how important the recent low was in Google, it’s the 200 day moving average and the trend line on the log chart going back to inception. The US equity market will live or die by that line. Let’s see..

Next up…

This was interesting on the ‘flippening’ at hand with augmented reality and virtual reality:

This piece by CB Insights on the subject as it relates to Apple is really good. The gist:

Apple is among the companies mentioning augmented reality the most: 9 times in total since 2016. In fact, as we detailed in our recent Apple Strategy Teardown, AR is looking very much like Apple’s next big thing — more so than voice, or cars, or AI.

“I regard it as a big idea like the smartphone,” Tim Cook has said. “I think AR is that big, it’s huge.”

There are several reasons why augmented reality is a more promising technology than VR, but the biggest is the wider variety of use cases.

Boiled down, VR has basically one application: by definition, everything in virtual reality is what my 4-year-old daughter would describe as “pretend.”

VR is mostly for escapism: games and entertainment. But not for applications IRL.

AR, on the other hand, overlays images on reality.

There will continue to be a lot of mergers and acquisitions by the tech giants in the coming years because of AR and VR. A lot is at stake.

Disclosure -Long Apple and Google.

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