Celebrating Two Years of Blogging at RICK's (RICK)

What better place to celebrate in Vegas before a red eye than at RICK’s Cabaret (RICK) which celebrated another all-time high today at $18.60.

I have sold 75 percent of my original position but they will have to pry the rest from my dirty, sweaty hands hands $5 at a time. That may be soon.

Just kidding Ellen, I am napping of course and reading the bible.

Disclosure – Long RICK’s, short religion :) .


  1. Howard Lindzon says:

    best comment ever on this blog. well done.

    rick’s should start a company called Bling for guys to buy their wives after being at Rick’s

  2. Bruce says:

    Unfortunately, its still to early to short religion, or is it? You think its topping here?

    Lets hope so. I have been short religion for some time but I am about to puke up my position.

    NOT !! … doubling down, as I write.

    developing …

  3. mrkcbill says:

    My buddy summed up RICK’S business model:

    A: Dude at Ricks’s thinking- I can’t believe this girl is dancing for me or on me for $20

    B: Stripper at Ricks’s thinking- I can’t believe this dude is paying me $20 to dance for him.

    I don’t see any end in sight for that.

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