CES – Nerd heavan but a complete waste of time

CES (The Computer Electronics Show) was once cool. Before the internet!

Vegas was once cool. Before condo’s and before Sinatra died and Celine dion moved in.

Together it is a crowded shithole where you can’t get a cab. If you must go for this show, stay at the Venetian. Trust me!

The only news from the week is that thousands of idiot tech blogger nerds will piss investor money away blogging to each other about a show they pissed away money to attend.

I will read about it at Buzztracker and TechMeme from San Francisco where the only news of the week might be broken, at MacWorld.

This nerd has some tips if you must attend.

Disclosure – Long MacWorld, short CES. Long Vegas, short the vibe!


  1. Will says:

    I tried itunes the other day and it sucked, I want mp3’s not m4p or whatever you get there. Sure 99cents is chump change but Limewire is faster, easier to use, and uh, you actually get a file format that is universal. Not to mention Jobs is looking crooked.

  2. Howard Lindzon says:

    Jobs being crooked is one thing and it’s ameroca so to each his own. You are not alone about iTunes. Just not with me!

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