'Charge it' on Wallstrip… with MasterCard Incorporated (MA)

I have never used a MasterCard.

They obviously have one of the best ad campaigns on television with their ‘Priceless’ series, but still, I have never felt the urge to sign up. Probably won’t.

I am an American Express (AXP) guy from college.

All that said, I am finally intrigued after today’s show. I love the Taco Bell business segment for MasterCard. Further, the Vending machines market is gigantic. Massive hardware upgrades are long overdue and in the vending business, the profit margins are attracting those upgrades…globally. MasterCard is poised to continually benefit.

At Wallstrip , we are not early to this party for sure. We never are. Cramer has been all over this for a while.

BUT, in the long-term scheme of things, that should not matter with the great brands and ‘growers’ . Based on what I learned in today’s show, MasterCard has lot’s of growth ahead.

I am buying a few shares tomorrow and like American Express (AXP), will use extreme weakness to add to this financial giant. With great brands in slower, steady growth markets, buying all-time highs is not what I am looking for. If you are interested in further research, get started here .

Disclosure – buying Mastercard