Charles River Venture Gambit – Genius

I was doing my third tour of The Blogging Times today and caught that Charles River Ventures is “Spreading Their Seed .”

Here is what I am sure is happening (I swear I have not read a post over in VC and nerdville):

Oh this is a bubble!

This just proves that there is too much money!

Charles River is the beginning of the end for internet VC investing!

They are CRAZY!

Here is my take:

Genius. Period.

Great timing – while other VC’s fold, they get aggressive. Tell me Bank of America lending 110 percent against swampland in Florida and Desert land in nowhereville is any worse than this!

The beginning – not the end – of a trend. Lot’s of small investments focused on smaller deals.

The real issue is that the closeset thing we have to a bubble these days is in large (real iffy) private equity deals. Sure that can go on forever, but that is an old trend. Also one that I have no access to.

Here is the details from Charles River’s website. I am going to submit ours for The Blogging Times tomorrow. Better than borrowing from a friend :) .

I can’t wait to see how this plays out.


  1. Mr Angry says:

    They’re clever because they broaden their chances of a hit (so many 2.0 companies could last a year on 250K!) and their risk level is really shallow. Good deal for both sides!

  2. Todd Allen says:

    Minic: A loan, but not a loan to a person. It’s loaned to a company built around the startup group/person, so if they go out the entrepreneurs aren’t on the hook.

    Beats maxing out your credit cards.

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