Charts as Art and of Course Money.

I have been writing about my passion for ‘chart art’ here on this blog a long time.

I love charts. I must look at 500 a day. It has been my routine for 30 plus years.

Many of the new traders and investors being onboarded because of the crypto craze will fall in love with ‘technical analysis‘.

I am all for it, but it is a controversial subject.

One of my favorite classical chart artists is Peter Brandt. He shared this gem today which is meant for beginners, but is something the best pro’s practice all the time:

No matter what your strategy is…Keep it simple and build a routine.

Speaking of chart art…let’s look at the brokerages and exchanges which I have been recommending for months.

As JC (@allstarcharts) says…the Broker Dealers & Exchanges Index, one of the most important sector indexes on earth, is on pace for its 3 straight weekly close above the epic 2007 highs $IAI – this is not a bearish characteristic for stocks as an asset class imo.

Now that is a breakout…and if you can’t see it, well thats what makes markets!

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