Charts That Made Me Go Hmmmm

Happy Tuesday.

Today is the day Ellen and I take Max to University of Arizona for his freshmen year. I would love to pull a ‘Back To School’ move on him, but it would crush his spirit. And of course the damn heat!

Ellen and I get to empty nest a few months more on Coronado before heading back to Phoenix in November for the winter.

Rachel is a junior this year at University of Arizona and is living in her sorority.

I have hosted my good friend JC (All Star Charts) at my office and home to brainstorm charts, markets and business strategies. It goes without saying that I must drop a few charts to honor this summit like get together.

To the charts…

I mentioned yesterday that Chinese internet stocks were in a bit of a meltdown. This chart shows it best in relation to the strength of US technology stocks (thanks @ivanhoff):

One of my favorite internet/software industries is travel (not the airlines) and it looks like misery is around the corner. Maybe it’s AirbnB or maybe a recession is on the horizon?

Retail was supposed to be dead dead dead. Not so fast. In fact, they are breaking out left and right. Ivanhoff discussed a bunch of the in our ”Momentum Monday’ yesterday on the blog.:

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