Chemicals are HOT…You Were Warned

Just last week we were pimping the chemical stocks on this blog and Wallstrip.

Today, Lyondell (LYO) gets a huge huge premium on a takeout. Congrats to the trend followers and FLY on that one. I know Blackstar owned it (because they own every all-time high stock), but alas, we covered Dupont on Wallstrip.

My blog posts noted that LYO was the stronger stock and the conversation pointed to that and many others as well.

I am adding a few from the list today as this is surely one of MANY deals to come in the chemical space.

What’s your fave?

Hug a shortseller again.


  1. danny says:

    I like alb, apd, and px.

    howard, how do you live in the internet so immensely? You are like a sentient computer who lives on and in every site that has to do with…anything it seems.

    anyway, keep up the good work at my number 2 blog.

  2. Vijay Veerachandran says:

    steam pipe exploded near Grand Central Terminal in Midtown Manhattan. More than 20 people were injured, two critically

    I heard about the explosion from your twitter than NYTimes. Isnt it crazy Howard.

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