Chevron is a thing of Beauty

Do not own the stock. Don’t know why really? No excuses, there have been so many low risk entries.

Here is the lifetime chart. Yowza.

Mental note to self. Buy oil stocks for the kiddies.

Does not seem to matter what the price of oil does if you are Chevron. Must be the wicked corn dogs in their little Chevron stores?

I still like oil the commodity down her in the high 50’s, and still own USO (the oil ETF) and may buy more on Monday.

Disclosure – long USO


  1. candice says:

    I have to deal with Chevron for various project work. They want exceptions on goddamn everything. Legal department of doom.

    On the other hand, I have none of their stock but I’m probably going to inherit some in about ten years.

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