Chipotle – One MORE time with feeling!

I loved this Wallstrip show. The show sums up the STYLE of the Company. The stock price will continue to change, but if the Company stays true to what you see in the show, both the show and the stock are EVERGREEN.

You can find all the original and diverse blogger posts from the Wallstrip show on Chipotle here.

Chipotle’s is a winner. If you own this stock for 5-10 years you are going to make money.

This one will always be expensive. Even when it disappoints – IT WILL – the stock will stay expensive.

Other than fraud – management can’t screw this one up.

If you don’t know Chipotle’s because you do not have one in your town or city – all the more reason to own the stock. THEY ARE COMING! Here is the YouTube search page (s) for Chipotle. Whoa!

There is nothing new to add except that the stock is marking time since we first aired the show in October. That is a good thing as it was a rocket from its IPO pricing of $20.

Here is a link to most of my posts on the stock.

Here is the show:

If you have kids and you love them, you can own this stock for them :) .

Disclosure – Long Chipotle (CMG)