Chipotles and GPS – Yessssss

I am plotting out all the Chipotles on my new Garmin wrist device so that I can eat at each one around the United States.

Some people want to go to different ballparks….not ME.

Chipotles will eventually be in every ballpark and airport, bit first they need a few thousand more stores around the country.

In the meantime, they execute flawlessly. Check out the freaking numbers they just posted. Obviously helped by my pigout last night with Rachel.

Oh and Navteq just blew away the numbers too.

CHICAGO (AP) — Navteq Corp. lifted its full-year guidance above analysts’ expectations Tuesday, as the provider of digital map data benefits from surging demand growth for portable-device maps. I like the word SURGE when I am long.

Both stocks up 5-10 percent after hours.

Ugly day, but a few gems nonetheless.

Tomorrow – Starbucks. I am long and worried about my little coffee dynasty. They have issues. I have not had a coffee in 30 days and don’t feel alone in that.

PS – I really love my portfolio these days despite the market being shellacked. Strength has held for now.

Long CMG, NVT and SBUX

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  1. danny says:

    good evening friend,
    sorry I didn’t pump you in my fly video, I meant to, but ran out of time, and kept it limited to the weekend bloggers.

    I am jealous of the table-pounding on nvt and cmg, because after you’re 1,000 rec, I thought, “gee, me thinky buy,” but alas, I never pulled the trigger. Such obvious good ideas, congrats on being there.

    I hereby nominate myself for an asshat award, on another site, for no apparent reason. Or maybe it is apparent.

    Thanks for the forum, howard.

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