Chronic Pain or Acute Pain – Newspapers or Online – Stocktwits or CNBC…Marc Andreesen on Charlie Rose

A completely inspiring 60 minute interview with Marc Andreesen on Charlie Rose.

If Marc can talk this fast and smart, I can only imagine what is going on inside his head compared to us mere mortals.

I have long loved his opinions on newspapers and included one of his famous posts in my book. I also love his thoughts on social networks (basically day one, which I have been saying for a year).

We are watching in realtime the death of newspapers (the market is valuing the print operations at zero), and even the death of certain online news businesses (The is valued at the cash on it’s books). I make fun of CNBC being dead (it is a long way from dead), which is insanely profitable and does not see the iceberg, but they will ignore it right until they hit it. It’s coming their way because they provide no context. They bring Dick Bove back on the air to talk about ‘Skank of America (Bill Maher)’ being a buy at $3, but this the same guy that screamed for weeks last year that ‘Shittybank’ was the buy of a ‘LIFETIME’ at $22. The ‘NEW’ financial media world will be about transparency, reputation, trust, filters and context and not how loud you can yell on CNBC. Dick Bove is a dinosaur.

Watch the full interview:

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