Climbing Stelvio 

I made it. 

I’m not sure how. I ate, I drank lots of water and I got off my bike to take pictures 5 times and regroup mentally. 

This is key from Velominoti blog (h/t @kentgoldman):

Your mind is your worst enemy. Do all your thinking before you start riding your bike. Once the pedals start to turn, wrap yourself in the sensations of the ride – the smell of the air, the sound of the tires, the feeling of flight as the bicycle rolls over the road.

That rule is all truth and really helpful 
Over 3.5 hours on my  bike up the steep and long Stelvio pass in Italy. The temperature change was over 50 degrees. 
Our whole group of 7 made the climb in times ranging from 1-45 to 3-45. 

The professional tour speed up the pass is 20km/hour and most complete the 24km climb in 80 minutes. I can’t comprehend it though I was passed by many cyclists that made me look like I was standing still. 

Here are some pictures we took along the way to the top…

From the top looking down you can’t even see the 6 mile stretch of forest you climb to get to the final 30 turns above the treeline…

The proof I made it …

I’m not sure I would do this climb again but I’m definitely hooked on cycling and feel I can climb almost any Alps pass. 

Tens of thousands of fancy sports cars and motorcycles and cyclists go up and over his pass all year but it still feels like a special (large) group of people that can make this journey on a bicycle. 

Today we are completing the circle back to Davos with a long and hard ride. Back to work.