CNBC and Vegas….More in Common every day.

So the gambling is underway and the Digg like traffic to is onnnn according to the talking heads.

I think we should be helping the FLY with any great stock ideas as he is in the early lead and plans to do great things with the proceeds (and I quote):

Finally, “The Fly” is well on his way to win the CNBC jackpot, being long MIDD, +10 today (I keep some stocks secret, hatfuckers).

As promised, when I win, the proceeds will go towards ad space in Times Square, which will read: “CNBC sucks balls.”

Actiually, they should buy Digg and just run these contests monthly. I mean why get half pregnant CNBC? Just go for it. Move the headquarters of CNBC to Nevada as well. Save the taxes and get the dancing girls.


  1. Mike Hunt says:

    You wish. Fly isn’t even close to being in the lead, not even in the top 1k. I have the top 1k, and I do not see FLY in that list.

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