CNBC Gambleathon

Seems fitting that after a 700 plus point Dow decline that CNBC would launch their “Win $1 million portfolio” contest.

The contest is ‘perfect’ because it encourages you to make the biggest craziest bet you can so you have a shot of winning over the next lunatic.

If they ran POKER during market hours, people would learn more about money management.

Definately good for ratings though.


  1. Bhh says:

    They don’t let you buy ETFs. In 2007. I was going to put the whole $1 million in QID.

    A lot of people were probably planning on putting it all on their favorite dodgy chinese microcrap ethanol internet biotech stock. I wonder if you can sit in cash for a week and win.

  2. Bill aka NO DooDahs says:

    Mark my words. The jerkoff who wins will have put ALL his money in ONE microcap stock for a single trade, at some point in the game.

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