CNBC says ‘Markets in Turmoil’ …Do the Opposite and Slow Down

I came into August very skeptical and very liquid (in stock accounts).

Not liquid enough.

Panic has set in.

Do NOT feel bad. That won’t make or save you a nickel this week.

Do NOT turn on CNBC.

Do invest a little money this week.

The most ZEN investors I know are Phil Pearlman and Chicago Sean. Luckily both have built our Stocktwits community and Sean runs it on a day to day basis now. Phil and I talk on the phone when we sense market trouble and that was Wednesday. Luckily, we talked each other out of a few long trades (through selling premium). Tonight Sean nailed it when he said the following:

chicagosean shared an idea on StockTwits

I walked through my Friday moves and watchlist from my last blog post. The gameplan does not change for me based on the panic tonight.

I spent all weekend chatting with the best investors I know on Stocktwits and I will not have to watch the news tomorrow. I will not have to watch TV. I do not need to read anything. I know the levels I will trade and the amounts. I will try and go slow because the markets will be fast.

I will share what I do in real time as I do it though on Stocktwits.


  1. pointsnfigures says:

    thinking buying a Jade Lizard on the SPX might be a good move if it ever stabilizes today. Not selling premium today though, it will be plenty bid tomorrow.

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