CNBC watches Wallstrip but does Lindsay watch CNBC ?

This stuff is just too good sometimes. Brad got the first look because I have been in a blizzard on a seven hour bus ride from Montreal to Toronto. Now that I am finally at a computer, here is the link to this great Lindsay/Dylan Ratigan encounter. Priceless stuff for Walstrip and a great laugh for anyone familiar with both.

Lindsay acts a little embarassed about not recognizing Dylan, but she should not be. CNBC has professionals on ‘Fast Money’ and Dylan Ratigan must be cool if he is a fan :) , but Lindsay has way more upside than anyone on that show.

The encounter made perfect sense to me.


  1. Fast Money Fan says:

    Okay no offense, but how the heck can she not know who Dylan is? Wallstirp is funny and entertaining, but no way in heck are you in the same league as Fast Money. Fast Money talks about real trading strategies that can actually make people money and it’s done by people who are pros, not wanna-be actresses. As much as I love Wallstrip, I am sorry but you guys are really nothing but a hype machine not much different then Cramer. Stocks at 52 week highs, puuhhlleasee! Howard a lot of us know you’re using Wallstrip as a propagandist tool to hype up your positions in your hedge fund. Wallstip lost my respect on this video and Dylan just gained a bunch more!

  2. JimK says:

    That clip was a hoot. Lindsey got it quiet right. Outside of the .3% share audience that CNBC generally gets no one knows who Dylan or much of the rest of the bunch is. Cramer is about the only CNBC icon with mass recognition largely because of his schtick. Ron Insana has gotten some broader exposure from his talk radio show. While Wallstrip is in a nascent stage, it seems to be growing fast and shouldn’t be underestimated. When you get the NY Times to take notice you’ve done the right things. Wallstrip reminds me of a certain company that I worked for 15 years ago that was built from the ground up with multi mediamedia playing a key role in its success. If I didn’t nearly kill myself from that burning-both-ends-of-the-candle building experience, I’d be banging on Howard’s door with a resume to get in on the new funm, excitement and opportunity – he’s on to something big. Keep up the great work, Howard and staff!

  3. Morris says:

    Priceless!! I remember when Ed McMahon told Jon Stewart (on Jon’s show) that Jon was too big for cable. . . So, Fast Money Fan, er, ah, Dylan? just keep smiling back.

  4. Fast money fan – You are a putz. If you are going to spew stupid stuff, back it up.

    also – dont be so obvious and use your fastmoney domain. amateur hour as usual at CNBC

  5. Bill Luby says:

    Absolutely hysterical intersection of media and context.

    Ironically, Fast Money is the only thing I have watched on CNBC in the past few months. How long before the WallStrip audience surpasses that of Fast Money?

    The funny thing is that I missed this when it happened and stumbled upon it 5 days later. How often does someone watch an old CNBC feed even one trading day later?

  6. Howard Lindzon says:

    Bill – the answer is never. fast Money is just that. old the next day.

    it is a good show for the netwrok.

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