What a complete bunch of turds at CNBC. Thank goodness really. Here is their first recent disaster – their rigged and poorly thoght through stocks market game. Nice job.

Now today, I am reading over at Trader Mike that they will start charging for their web video content. Barry has the full story . They want $14.95/month to view the clips. Now, what I would pay for is video of Maria dating the Citibank guy on shareholder money. If that’s the case, I get it and I am in :) .

Otherwise, if you need to pay them, please man/woman up to me. You truly are not welcome here . Even if you match the payment (which you should) and send to me (I will send to charity), you are just polluting my work.

I must admit that I am biased. I have a bone to pick. I can’t stand their content and the programming leaders are smug. They live in a bubble. You can’t fully blame them. Cramer has made them feel smart. They are as Letterman calls ‘pinheads’. They have been printing money for years and they are cocky. God bless them for thinking it’s because they have something useful.

Rupert will put an end to the crap starting late this year. Cramer will leave too. Fast Money is wildly popular (deservedly so for now, but cheesy in it’s overproduction), but it’s a bull market and even I am popular these days.

I repeat, I have a bone to pick. Free yourself and just turn off the TV. Trader Mike, Barry, FLY, Fred, Maoxian and the rest of my blogroll is plenty for you to make major money. Don’t be suckered.

PS – Obviously some talented people at the network so this is more a rip on their overall product and attitude.


  1. Phil says:

    im disspaointed you didnt use the term ‘suck my ass’ this post was perfect op. seriously, their ratings already been slipping badly… was dre once said? “if u slip then u slippin”…

    Q2 #’s: Mad Money & Fast Money Almost Scratch In 25-54 Demo
    CNBC’s Mad Money with Jim Cramer at 6pm averaged 57,000 in the 25-54 demo in the second quarter, just 6,000 shy of the Nielsen “scratch” designation and down 39 percent over the second quarter of 2006, Nielsen ratings show.

    Similarly, Fast Money at 8pm delivered 56,000 in the demo, just 5,000 more than a scratch, and down 57 percent from Q2 2006’s time period performance.

    According to Nielsen’s calculations, a program scratches if it dips below 51,000 demo viewers…

  2. Bhh says:

    Interesting. CNBC’s ratings increased during the last bull market. The retail investor still hasn’t shown up?

    I want to like the idea of a new Fox Bidness channel but the stock shows on Fox News are hilariously bad.

    CNBC Asia and Europe are pretty good. You wouldn’t think they were from the same organization.

  3. Chris says:

    What’s up Howard? Am I not good enough for your personal blogroll? Wallstrip seems to like me. I’m insulted it has taken this long!

  4. Broker A says:

    CNBC is a joke. But all main stream media, is pathetic. So, why should those fuckers be any different.

    Fox will come in and be great, for awhile–until they are mainstreamed.

    That’s the beauty of the internet. Idea’s and content stay fresh, because money is not involved (for the most part).

    As for Fast Money, I stopped watching those fuckers, ever since Strazzini got the boot.

    That new option fucker grates my soul, with his overly optmistic aura, and shit like that.

  5. muckdog says:

    I’d subscribe to CNBC if their pay service had a Naked News format. You know, if Becky, Melissa, Becky, Becky, Becky, Melissa, Melissa, and Erin disrobed while giving stock quotes and news.

    “Now, lets go to the Nasdaq with Rebecca Jarvis.”

    But seriously, I think Cramer fatigue set in awhile ago. And we’re not going to see the 1999 mania where sports bars had CNBC on for awhile.

    Fox will be good; but it’ll be more of the same thing. How many guests can you have on pounding the table for Apple and Genentech?

  6. Phil – great seeing yo tiday bud

    Go Rick’s

    caffeinated – thanks much

    CNBC quoteof the day The FLY
    Finally, it’s worth noting, CNBC is making this “sub prime mortage double wammy” into Hiroshima, part II. Fuck them and their fear mongering. Naturally, investors should be cognizant of systemic risks. However, until proven wrong, I believe this sub prime influenced dip, is a buying opportunity, particularly for tech.

    I agree but subprime has been good to me and not going to be a hero twice.

    Muckdog wins idea of the month

  7. Todd says:


    You mentioned Target and Costco the other day as examples of stocks showing strength, and that the economy as a whole is doing OK.

    But for every stcok like them there’s 2-3 laggards. Look at SHLD, JCP, ANN, ANF, LOW, and so on …

    There are a few sectors doing well like oil, commodities, select retail like CROX and TIF, and obviously some hot tech stocks.

    But there’s more underlying weakness in the market showing up now than I’ve seen in the recent past.

    That said, you can probably fade my ass and assume the DJIA and S&P 500 move to new all-time highs in the nexts few weeks.

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