Should I Be A Coal Miner or a Banker?

It’s a trick question…

Today, Wells Fargo has to pay $5.4 million to a ‘whistelblower’.

The lesson…

If you want to go into the coal or banking business, get yourself a good recording device and be a whistleblower.

Of course, I am excited that we are making America great again. While the White House is busy bringing back coal jobs, oil and pollution, Tesla and Amazon are hitting all-time highs (I own Amazon, Rachel owns Tesla and Amazon).

Money is everywhere. Digital assets are exploding. The markets are speaking.

Just remember, if our government gets their way (many other governments feel the same way), shutting down the mobility of people and other assets will eventually kill this boom and will crush a speedy recovery once this boom ends. The government has already reversed the net neutrality rules and while it is complicated with so many behemoths involved, I am sure it is good for Verizon and whats good for Verizon is NOT good for the consumer.

Which brings me back to the headline to this post…

I saw this data point about the wealth being created, added my own headline and made it a slide in my Stocktoberfest presentation:

If you are a parent today, forget the headlines and make sure that if your kids can’t code, they can give investment advice.

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