Coinmine and Grinning

While I was watching the Super Bowl, my brand new Coinmine was busy mining some Grin.

Back in November, I wrote about our investment in Coinmine and I went by the office last week in Los Angeles to pick mine up.

Yesterday, Rachel and I unboxed it and we went from the box to printing money in just a few minutes…

And the Coinmine app…

I am no crypto expert, but it is fun to be living just a wee bit in the future with my Coinmine machine. I can’t think of a better gift for a teenager curious about technology and money.

Farbood, the founder of Coinmine, shared this post today titled ‘How At-Home Crypto Mining Outperforms Buying Crypto‘.

Most importantly from Farbood…

There is still the inherent risk of investment in any speculative asset like cryptocurrencies. And even with easier, more consumer friendly mining rigs coming to market, they still represent an up-front investment.

All of that said, crypto needs your hash power as much or more than your order to buy and sell it. The more people powering crypto, the more secure and valuable crypto becomes and the more liberty, independence and self-sovereignty we achieve. These numbers show that the liberty motivation is actually complemented by a powerful economic incentive as well.

Have a great week.