Cold Calls, Cold Emails, Cold Tweets – Warm Memories

Happy Tuesday everyone.

I pride myself on making the cold calls and cold emails and in rare cases a cold tweet to meet with certain people.

Last week while locked down in the Bahamas I was watching the Phoenix Suns and the Mavs play and noticed Spencer Dinwiddie was playing for the Mavs.

I only keep up with the Suns, but I knew Spencer from his startup Calaxy which was presented to me months back and I thought he was playing for the Wizards.

I fired an @ tweet off to Spencer (he follows me) inviting him to dinner pre game 5 in Phoenix. He hit me back and we texted and last night we had that dinner in Phoenix.

Randomly, I was showering at my club before dinner last night and I ran into Steve Hilton a part owner of the Phoenix Suns and I told him I would handle a game 5 ‘W’ for the Suns.

My plan was to stuff Spencer so full of carbs so he would not be able to jump tonight in Game 5. I brought Ellen along to make sure she distracted him while I ordered for the table.

All kidding aside, Spencer, Ellen and I had a really fun dinner talking about life, real estate, angel investing, the NBA and his startup Calaxy.

Spencer (I read that he describes himself as a tech guy with a jumper) broke some amazing ground with the NBA by tokenizing his last NBA contract. In Spencer’s case, he became fascinated with crypto in 2017 and learned by doing.

Ellen and I learned a lot last night and have some great memories. Spencer had a simple and boring steak with spinach so Mark Cuban won’t get in my grill tomorrow.

PS – If Spencer can call himself a tech guy with a jumper I’m starting to call myself a comedian with a venture fund.