Comedy Central – Bassackwards 2.0!

So Comedy Central is pulling clips from YouTube. Like that is going to drive me to watch more Jon Stewart on their time schedule. Bassackwards 2.o!

Just caught a clip of Norm McDonald on John Stewart. Thanks to Nixta for the find.

Norm proves that no subject is off limits to him.


  1. Mr Angry says:

    I want to see how this plays out or if it’s even true. YT is still full of Daily show clips so what exactly is the basis for this story? Some blogs? That’s reliable? If it is confirmed that CC lawyers sent cease and desist letters I’ll want to see how Stewart and Colbert react. Steward specifically is on record as saying distribution throuhg the internet is a good idea so i can’t imagine he’ll be happy.

    Besides, even if CC don’t get it, I strongly suspect Stewart and Colbert know how “uncool” this makes them look. This story isn’t over by a long shot.

  2. marc says:

    interesting story when you consider that big brands and networks (like CBS) are paying big bucks to googtube for their lame news stories about kids getting more foul balls at MLB games to be posted on their site with premimum placement.

    daily show gets the kind of premium placement they couldn’t afford because of the viral element of user posted content.

    little clips drive viewers…they’re not taking from CC’s audience they’re driving it!

    I hope CC gets wise and only cracks down on full :30 min clips and let’s the interviews, news stories keep playing.

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