Comparing China, Housing and Nasdaq Bubbles

Awesome chart here comparing all the big past bubbles and a frame of reference for where China is possibly in their bubble cycle. Seeing that they have many more billions of people, maybe their bubble is just getting started. That would be insanely fun for a while.

It is mucho volatile this morning in the markets so I do little as you know. I am paying bills and reading blogs and writing.

I am selling some SYNA at $60 which was a mental target (speedster now printing $61 rats :) ). This stock feels like it could really fly, but….not being a HOG.

Also selling some Baidu and Google (mentioned that last night).

It’s really just the financials that suck.

Coinstar is hitting me over the head as is Blackboard, but just a few of 50 plus positions so nothing out of the ordinary. My Coinstar stop is in the $28’s so close now. Blackboard is $37.5. Coinstar never made it to an all-time high so jumping the gun was a bad idea I guess.

Disclosure- Long SYNA, GOOG, BIDU, BBBB, CSTR

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