Congrats To Yahoo Gamblers

You win making a stupid bet. It happens.

Microhoo, Yasoft, or Microsoftyhoo (no a), all make sense.

It’s a good day to do it with Google down $30 plus. Fred has all the details .

I just called it a dog a few days with their only hope a takeout. I guess i should have bought it, instead of ripping it. Congrats to al my frinds at Yahoo. I hear Microsoft has better health care for the VP’s.

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  1. RBM411 says:

    The marriage between MSN and Yahoo was inevitable, as the week sisters try to compete with the big bully on the block (GOOG). It’s an obvious move that everyone should have seen comming. Frankly, the same consolidation is going to take place among all content providers whether digital, print or entertainment.

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