Congrats….and Welcome Back

Congrats to…

Old Timers Procter and Gamble (PG) and McDonald’s (MCD), both Wallstripped and both back strongly at all-time highs. Amazing stuff.

Lindsay Campbell for her Stanford magazine write-up (maybe they should give me an honorary Stanford degree).

My great-white northern friend Fraser Kelton on his acceptance of a career at Adaptive Blue and move to New York (Biltmore Ventures is an investor).

Welcome back Trader Mike .


  1. Bruce says:

    ah, so you did … cute, short & sweet with a surprise ending. I like that one guys comment that you cannot go a day without paying a toll to Berkshire .. so true & part of Warrens master plan all along.. so simple yet devious … but you got to hand it to the guys behind GOOG – 163B market cap in 3 years vs 183B for BRKA in 40 years. Still, not possible to take anything away fm Buffett.

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