Congratulations Intel….and What is the Fascination with AMD?

Today Intel is hitting sixteen (16) year highs.

I passed up a $60,000 purchasing job with them in San Jose right out of graduate school in 2001 because computers were lame and San Jose seemed like a farm town.


The stock is now up more than 30,000 percent since it’s IPO.

Screw the job, if I had just invested $1,000 the day I turned down the job…


Here I am at Comdex probably in 1994 or 1995 with AMD in the background…


(Yes that’s me on the right. My good friend Ziad from Kuwait is in the middle and my pal Mark Scatterday who I worked with for years instead of heading to Intel).

I remember the Intel and AMD wars back in the 90’s and this chart was shared today by Ivanhoff that compared the returns over the last 16 years:

In checking all the charts and prices and sentiment on Stocktwits this morning one thing stood out…$AMD has 18,000 people following the stock and Intel ($INTC) 11,000 people.

People are always more fascinated with the ‘cheap’ underdog. In the last year they have been rewarded with a 300 percent gain in AMD.

Congratulations to Intel on a great milestone and the traders that have nailed the last year on the long side of just about any semiconductor stock.