Congratulations Mark Zuckerberg…What a Difference a Year and a Barron’s Cover Make

This weekend, Barron’s should have a cover page of Mark Zuckerberg standing over 10 dead grizzlies, or maybe a cover of Mark Zuckerberg standing in Pamplona smiling.

Never. Going. To. Happen

They will have a cover of some smiling Bear licking his chops at the coming perfect storm in Sri Lanka.

Last September, it was easy to pick on Facebook at $19 – I called them Faceplant (though if you read closely you see I bought the stock and faded myself.

Barron’s was in heaven. Here is the cover they ran with:


It took them weeks to put together this cutesy cover and accompanying financial drivel.

Zuckerberg had to have read it. I imagine Sheryl Sandberg ‘Leaned in’ and read it (the article was sadly better than the book). The Winklevoss Twins read it, high fived themselves in the nude and bought 72.54376 Bitcoins.

Less than a year later, Facebook has passed it’s IPO price.

Zuckerberg ‘leaned in’ to Instagram, his boring ad model and now video and more ads. Voila – $35 billion more in market capitalization.

Zuckerberg is CEO of the year. He has nerves of steel and belief in the power of his platform. I honestly don’t know what he does, but he did it really well in 2013. Congratulations.


  1. Barry Ritholtz says:

    CEO of the year because 12 months after their wildly overvalued IPO, the stock is finally above its IPO price? Not exactly a high bar . . .

    • so bezos is a bad ceo because his stock trades atan absurd pe ratio? he kept company together, avoided a brain drain and now can attract best and brightest again i would say great job

      • Tangent Style says:

        I see Bezos very differently from Zuckerberg. Bezos is an aggressor and a public one at that: “Your margin is my opportunity.” Facebook/Zuckerberg seems less interested in disruption and more in refining their business model, which seems to be coming along well. Maybe it’s just perception/press coverage though…

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