Congratulations Sapho and Datafox

I have some shoutouts today…

First up to Sapho founders Fouad and Peter who built an incredible company that was acquired today by Citrix ($CTXS) for north of $200 (Social Leverage was a seed investor). The details are here. I last visited with them in May and could feel the electricity at the Company. Sometimes founders just need you to cheerlead. This was pretty much the case here. Fouad and Peter had a fantastic vision and they just built a great product and team. Citrix is BACK on my watchlist.

Three weeks ago Oracle acquired Datafox (Social Leverage was a seed investor). Co-Founder and CEO Bastiaan Janmaat built a great company in a competitive space. Like Sapho, we mostly got to watch and cheerlead.

Sometimes it’s not too hard being an investor.

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