Congratulations Twitter on the Sale To …and The First Stocktwits ‘Cashtag Award’ Goes To….

The bid for Twitter is the all-time most talked, tweeted, Stocktwits messaged takeover deal that has still not received a bid …

That Twitter might trade at or above the future buyout price that has not materialized might even make sense since Twitter is a real time platform that I have always said is best used/most valuable for financial chatter.

Maybe more interesting is the fact that now that almost everyone has given up (see this Bloomberg story on Jack Dorsey and Twitter growth today), maybe Wall Street or the eventual buyer realizes that Twitter is not about being a user growth story. Maybe Twitter has enough great users to keep Twitter great (something I have argued).

I have had some amazing conversations about Twitter the stock on Stocktwits of course but also Twitter.

If I were to give a ‘$Cashtag Award’ (the ESPY’s for investing/trading – and Stocktwits is preparing the first awards early in 2017) for my favorite exchange about Twitter the stock it would have to go to @theyearofelan.

He is the producer of ‘all tv shows with the word bachelor in them‘. He is hysterical. He is super smart. He likes to invest and even likes individual stocks. He has especially liked Twitter since it imploded into the teens. He likes to talk about the stock (he’s been a buyer). I am not sure how he discovered me or I him and who followed who first, but we have become great Twitter friends (which means we have never met).

This morning I awoke to this thread he retrieved and jabbed me with:

At the time of his hilarious, money making and timely tweet, the stock was trading in the 14’s.

What. A. Call.

Though there have been millions of great trades, calls, messages, charts and shoutouts with the Stocktwits Cashtag I am awarding the first $Cashtag Award (statue is in design) to Elan Gale.

He has promised to accept the award in New York live in early 2017.