Conspiracies My Ass…Goldman has an Edge, BUT 52 PERCENT was There for YOU

As the negativity and complaints grow about our government interventions and Goldman Sachs $GS insider treatment and behavior, I realize that people just deserve to lose money in the market.

Of course we are [email protected]%d by the intervention, maybe not in this life, but in a generation to come. Yes, you can’t just print money forever and carry massive deficits with no ability to repay. Of course $gs has a wicked edge.

YOUR job is to tap these identifiable edges from this crappola policy and make money as well.

Who cares that Goldman is first. So they huddle up in their Canali suits to Stick it to you. I would. Who cares what the monetary policy is if you are a trader.

YESSSS….shame on Congress, Geithner, Pelosi, Barney Frank, Paulson et all for back door dealing and illegal/insider trading, but this is the most OVERT crime in histrory and it is NOT going to stop anytime soon. It has been in the front pages for a year with nary an indictment.

WE need to vote better people into positions of power. Until than, you still have an edge if you follow the great traders/investors on Stocktwits and follow the playbook and price.

This supercharged rally will end too and the complaints will come that $GS sold at the top. They likely will. Be ready to make some money yourself.

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