Costco (COST) on Wallstrip

While behemoth Walmart has slowly lost 30 percent of it’s market capitalization the last 5 years, Costco’s (COST) has doubled. People are in love with their stores.

Not me. Costco makes me dizzy.

It’s just too much work. I am a buy as I need it type person, noy buy it and never need it again because I have as much as I will ever need person :) .

My disdain for the concept does not mean I have not noticed the strength. It is a Wallstrip worthy stock an business for many reasons. Lindsay walks you through them on Wallstrip today.

Obviously one of the best run retailers of all time, with a recent all-time high to prove it.

Brian has a more detailed look at the technicals:


  1. Barry says:

    If you’ve got kids and care about what you eat and purchase, COSTCO offers quality brands at good prices, and the quantities are not TOO much for a family with multiple children, scarily so.

    Costco’s average ticket (customer take per transaction) has got to be massive compared to the competition. Walmart’s image and reputation still can’t escape the child labor, low quality, dare I say “redneck” stereo-type in places where people can’t name a NASCAR driver. I like Walmart and applaud their flight to higher standards, but they can’t effectively compete in the western US suburbs like COSTCO without some major shifts. All imho.

  2. Jim Kingsland says:

    Well, WMT has its Sam’s Club to counter Costco… and WMT should spin that off since it’s an oasis compared with the actual Sprawl-Mart stores.

  3. mrkcbill says:

    Big fan of COST..I like to go 2 or 3 times a month. I buy about five items there. You can definitely come out good on fruit,produce,seafood and a variety of other things. Check out the Asian Pears good stuff. I probably should get long.

    One other thing I notice about COST is their employees are always in a good mood meaning they are well taken care of.

  4. Leigh says:

    i just bought 3 cashmere sweaters at costco for $44 bucks each (cheaper than Miami)…

    And they are the same ones that Holts also gets from China and sells for $440…

    (although did you hear on the news that some clothing from China has unusually high formaldehyde levels ..ew!)

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