Could Yahoo be a BUY?

Would it not be sweet to see the bear market contained to homebuilder, mortgage and housing stocks. It would be nice to see the idiotic private equity guys leave the rest of the world alone while they figure out what to by there. I just want a few months of peace from them, the brokers and homebuilders anyway.

While Cramer and CNBC try to get your interest rate down 1 percent, the stories with REAL growth sneak right along.

Priceline has been en fuego (I thought they did not exist anymore :) ). Shatner won’t die !

Amazon – checkamundo

Ebay – Rocking – not sure why

Blue Nile – oh my!

Google – search me

Baidu -Find shit in China

No wonder Cisco and Juniper are on fire.

Back to Yahoo – Yahoo is still in the doldrums, but anything could happen. Maybe the private equity guys will make a move into the internet musiness and surprise a few people.

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