Covestor Gets Crunched

Mike’s an ass (TechCrunch) and he and I have come to an understanding about that (he thinks I despise him..I don’t), but Covestor was Crunched today by their new writing honcho Erick Schonfeld, their east coast meanie, formerly of defunct Business 2.0.

They definitely don’t fully get it, but they tried . Rikki and his team at Covestor have designed an extremely elegant way to share portfolio information for the masses and I wanted to be involved.

At first I did not think that people who were actually good would want to spend the time doing this, but they are and I would too if not for conflicts.

Meghann and Rose in my office are ready to go though and should be live shortly with their accounts. Pressure is on as they are relying on Wallstrip stocks.

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  1. Howard,

    Great blog! Covestor rocks! As a blogger (Stock Picks Bob’s Advice) I have found it quite helpful to verify my actual trades and actual performance. I would invite you to participate with one of your own investment portfolios. Or are you already there?

    Copart is one of my own latest purchases. I don’t think their run is over, but they have indeed had a big move. LKQ is another car parts company that might be a good recession play. Don’t own any shares at this time, but might be worth a second look.


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