Creating Shareholder Value….Yahoo vs. AOL

There is no quit in Tim Armstrong. He came to wrench out shareholder value and he is creating it.

I can’t tell if there is quit in Yahoo. They seem to be quitting and from the top down strategy of lawsuits and layoffs they seem to be taking the easy way out. That’s an awful combo. Check the share price.

There is no doubt that at $AOL, ‘Patch’ was a bad idea and an expensive one. Tim seems to be finally getting religion. You work for the shareholders. The shareholders vote every day. The voting may not look like it makes sense in the very short run, bit over time the price captures the sentiment.

As the tech giants pay and pay and fight for patents, $AOL has taken a different approach…OFFLOAD! Less lawyers, more cash flow, more focus, higher share price. Tim was buying his stock the whole way down. He makes a ton of money now too with the shareholders that believed.

Well played.


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