Creativity in 2019 and I Launched Joe Iannello’s Career

Before I get started…why are these two ladies at a basketball game?


I have been plotting some further creative outlets for 2019, but as the calendar turns I am behind.

Waaaay back in 2007, after CBS acquired my company/show Wallstrip, I had an idea for an extension to the show called ‘The Naked Putz’ which was a spin on the investing term ‘Naked Put’ – an inherently risky options strategy. I would have Jon Labes follow me around Manhattan filming and editing an investing bit on the street or an interview.

I am glad I did it because I know exactly what I would NEVER do again. Making content as a business and as way of life is too hard.

My peak acting moment was this episode which had me in the streets of NYC trying to change a $20 Canadian bill.

The best part isJoe Iannello , who appeared in the show, is now the CEO of CBS …way to go Joe.

Have a great Sunday.

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