Crocs (CROX)…Cheap in the $30's and Expensive at $4…I Love The Stock Market!

In the good old days of 2006 and 2007, Crocs (CROX) was one of my big holdings. Life was easy.

You bought stocks at all-time highs and they doubled and tripled. Seriously…check my archives. Screw that… watch old Wallstrips !

Other than Apple, Baidu and Garmin, Lindzon loved his Crocs.

Waaaaaaay back in our first month of Wallstrip’s, the team put together a wicked show:

I was long baby.

In May, 2007, I wrote a post entitled ‘What CROX Should do and What LIKELY Will Happen ‘ (I was just out of the stock and missed the last 20 or so points). It is a boilerplate for every growth stock and you should toss your goddman stock textbooks and new Kindle’s full of financial textbooks.

In January, 2008, I blogged “CROCS – Case Study…Supply Trumps Demand “. I ended with a warning that the thrill was gone.

In August, 2008 I blogged “There are NO ‘Happy Endings’ In the Stock Market “. Nothing changes. Buy and Hold is a myth. Money Management is all that matters.

Today…The Thrill is back! The stock only closed at $3.75, but it’s up from $1 dinero.

In November 2006, the stock was at $33, breaking to all-time highs and ‘cheap’ on it’s way to $90. Today, it has almost quadrupled in a few weeks to $4 and is expensive.

Fuck Macau!