Cycling Innovation, the Outrageous Coal Discussion and Howard’s Mattress Theory

I have cycled nearly 400km the last seven days in the hills of Tuscany. I have had a lot of time to myself to think and take in the sights.

Back at home, the markets are really sizzling right now. Everyone has a theory.

I like this theory from Doozio (a trend follower who I think is really good):

if it’s not broke. Don’t fix it. It’s a bull mkt yo!

I have my own Mattress theory which states:

When more than FIVE e-mattress companies are started a month, the Dow will reach 30,000 before they all go bust.

Just last week Casper raised $170 million from Target. On Stocktwits I noticed Leesa, another mattress company was advertising. It is a funny and on point sleep ad for a mattress:

Donald Trump would tell you it’s all the regulations he is cutting (in his head) and the 80 coal jobs he brought back. Coal is dumb. Donald Trump is not even this dumb. He’s just an asshole. Here are the facts of the coal trend.

I leave you with this…innovation is everywhere. Imaginations are running wild in a quest for speed, distance, durability and strength.

Even in the sport of cycling known for the ‘peloton’ which is as old as the sport, the quest for speed has pushed people to reimagine speed on the bike:

No matter how hard the politicians and pessimists try to push us backwards, there are too many imaginative people and too much knowledge at our fingertips to do anything but leap forward.

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