Cyprus…Payback for my Pants!

I lost my pants in Cyprus.

I was backpacking through Europe with my best pal Rob and we were on our way to Israel from Italy. We stopped in Cyprus for the day and got off the boat/ship to walk around. To beat the heat midday we decided to take a dip and of course off came my pants.

The only thing I was wearing was my money belt.

A few minutes later, yep, my pants were gone. Some kid must have came and grabbed them. I had to walk back to the boat in my undies and my money belt.

Here is a chart of the Cyprus stock market since 2007. Obviously my pants are worthless:

cyprus-log copy

The whole country is a do over.

I propose a kickstarter project in which I go back to Cyprus this summer with a film crew in search of my pants. In the meantime, if my pants (Girbaud…yes I loved those pants and I think Girbaud peaked that summer too) show up in Coronado, the selling may just relent.

Thanks Tarhini for the cool charts.

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