DA BEARS (stock market, not Chicago)!

You read four good bearish views in a row and you just want to pack the family in a van and move to Northern Alberta. Thats CANADA people.

My problem with the Alberta move is that there are no good jobs for a jew in the Tar Sand business :) .

I don’t think it pays to be a bear. I think it pays to flow between cautiously Optimistic and Giddy. Always be cautiously optimistic or MOVE TO RUSSIA and when you are giddy – don’t be an ass and SELL something.

That all said, here are four things to cuddle up to tonight with your teddy BEAR:

1. The “Don” of Cautiousness – Jeff Matthews. I love his stuff and this one rings true to me.

2. Trader Tim’s blog. Al Gore should have bottled this blog about 6 months ago. He is so cold that he could stop GLOBAL WARMING.
All joking aside though – he is smart and even a broken clock is right twice a day. He will be right again. Maybe ? :) .

3. Kevin’s Market Blog is good. He has a good piece on Nasdaq Market Sentiment. Hat Tip to Time To Trade for the linkage.

4. This charmer of a dude. Talk about a party pooper. Bear tip to Trader Mike .

OK – back to being giddy.


  1. Bill aka NO DooDahs says:

    Yeah, the general consensus seems to be bearish. Considering that the natural flow of the markets is UP, it only pays to be a bear on rare occasions. You gotta pick your spots.

    Of course, for some folks, that spot is EVERY DAY.

    At least the “charmer” put a deadline on his “end of the world.” Better than just saying it was “nigh.”

  2. Dary says:

    Right back at you Howard; thanks for the mention.

    On this whole bear / bull debate, since the DOW broke out and started forming new highs, the bears have started to emerge from the woods. Their fears could be well founded, however if a market that you are trading is setting higher highs, then why not stay with it and enjoy the ride.

    Secondly when there is a bull market correction, you tend to get a rounded top and a lot more notice when compared to a bear market correction. Denis Gartman sums it up nicely in this year’s thanks giving letter:

    “12. Bear Market Corrections Are More Violent and Far Swifter Than Bull Market Corrections: Why they are is still a mystery to us, but they are; we accept it as fact and move on.”

    Dennis Gartman’s Not-So-Simple (but materially fewer) Rules of Trading:


    Happy New Year Howard and to all that read this.

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