Daddy.. What’s a Bubble?

I am going to do a series of posts that capture this moment in time for the Nasdaq and rare digital stocks.

One thing seems true right now…there is no way our current leadership in the White House will do ANYTHING to slow down the stock market.

In 1999, rates were raised to cool inflation and by 2000 the Nasdaq bubble popped.

The only obvious answer today to how this rally will end is supply.

Right now a lot of my smart friends will say ‘But, where am I going to put my money’ when I ask about the digital aseet parabolic stock price moves.

At some level I agree. Look at the sale numbers for Zoom (which I own):

I joked on Twitter that I am toying with the new idea of a 60/40 portfolio (60 percent stocks/40 percent bonds) being 60 percent stocks and 40 percent baseball cards. Many people thought I was too light on baseball cards! Look at the returns from cards.

As this bubble gets further inflated, you will see more investing humblebrags like this from investors:

Enjoy the moment in time.