Dan McMurtrie, Founder of Tyro Partners LLC, Joins Me on Panic with Friends to Discuss Information Overload and Behavioral Investing (EP.151)

Dan is a funny guy and he is also very smart.

If you like investing you enjoy love this podcast. If you like silly banter you will enjoy this podcast.

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For more background on Dan and the discussion read on below…

Guest: Dan McMurtie

Profile: Founder of Tyro Partners LLC

Where to Find Him: LinkedIn, Twitter

What’s the Panic About:

Dan McMurtrie is a 28-year-old founder, portfolio manager, and Twitter phenom more commonly known to his nearly 60,000 followers as @SuperMugatu. He’s an insanely funny, original and inspiring person who knows a lot about social media, maintaining an audience and the behavioral side of investing. Dan’s New York-based hedge fund, Tyro Partners LLC, focuses on trends and supply chains driving technology, healthcare, industrial, and consumer markets. In this episode, we cover a lot of topics: Dan’s big social media break, Wall Street culture, crypto, information overload, the 90% rule, Warren Buffett’s cult-like branding, the markets, and more. Enjoy!

The Takeaway:

Dan covered a lot of great points on the podcast, but here were the main three insights:

It’s the best time to be an investor when it’s a weird time to be an investor.

Tech is programming people.

With all of this information overload online, people are starting to equate experience with betrayal.

Favorite Quote:

“What you want in a joke is something everyone believes is true, but no one wants to say.”

“Technology right now is being used to program people, not the other way around.”

“Do you look at the network as a mob of people to manipulate, or a contributive ecosystem?”

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