Day 2 – Post M.Y.M.A. (Microsoft/Yahoo Merger Announcement)

M.Y.M.A is a pain in the ass.

All we know one more trading day later is people are convinced this deal will happen, happen higher or some yutz or group of yutz’s (yutzem?) pays more for this new media conglomerate. I mean Yahoo is almost fully priced at Microsoft deal offer now. The freaking arbs are hard up for deals to….well…ARB!

All we know is that Google could probably care less. They do care enough to dispatch a few hundred Google Lawyers (still awful people even though they practice law for GOOGLE) to just mess around and run up bills about this and that.

All we know is Microsoft lost another percentage point today. The ‘ol closet indexers are pissed off.

Al we know is that Yahoo would be NUCKING FUTS to pass on this deal.

All we know is Google is getting sold on any news it releases. That’s good for me and my kids – my kids buying today by me.

It’s not that complicated accept for the arbs and traders pressing their luck on Yahoo at $29.

All I DO Know for sure is the risk in the market went up further on this merger news which created uncertainties we don’t need. Valuations will get held back at least until a final deal is struck in M.Y.M.A.

PS – Fred has another good post on the deal – actually how Yahoo can get out . Ya right!