DealerTrack Holdings (TRAK) on Wallstrip

Trend stocks can come from anywhere. We prove it today on Wallstrip with DealerTrack (TRAK).

Who knew that the sleazy back room at car dealerships was home of a software giant. I mean 85 percent market share, huge margins, powerful data mining. No wonder it’s a leading trend stock.

That’s the power of the all-time high list. Five to ten minutes a day will spot you some interestiing companies to follow that although strong, are still off the beaten path.

Not that this stock is completely undiscovered or cheap. It isn’t. But cheap or expensive is not what we focus on at Wallstrip. Most important, is can the trend continue?

Here is the Google Finance page . As Lindsay points out on today’s show, TRAK is expanding into new areas of the auto software space and with it’s connections, should have strong success.

This trend should last. The biggest risk seem to be execution.

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