Deals on Deals on Deals and The Con Is On

Apple has added $150 billion to it’s market cap since the beginning of the year. To put that in perspective that is one Pepsi which was founded in 1893 and also the size of Russia’s stock market.

This is some real money moving around.

The world did not end when Trump became President like I was told.


This 2014 tweet from Donald Trump was being shared today and while typically cringeworthy was not a lie:

Trump likes ‘big’ deals and is a negligent operator.

He is a stock promoter and investment bankers dream.

I was at News Corp today saying hello to a few people and it was as expected Trump Trump Trump.

Forgetting the why for a moment, Rupert Murdoch made a huge bet on Trump and it paid off.

They are now all in and riding the trend.

It’s not anything normal, but it’s a trend and people are printing money.

Money is a drug and people are intoxicated with it and it is not just the 1 percent.

I am seeing the fever and animal spirit in stocks.

The indexers are happy because they see Apple and the S&P higher. The bankers are happy because while you are watching Apple, they are lining their pockets on everything else.

The con is on.