Dear College Students (and Parents)

If you can’t code, write.

If you can code…don’t forget to write.

Salesforce is the new IBM.

The language of the markets and investing are the new Chinese.

If you can’t code, write, or sell…you will be being paid by the hour or be billing for your hours…yuck.

There is no retirement anymore. Pace yourself.

Selling today is about building the network. Kids today have strong networks forming in their teens. Every CEO in the world has an Instagram account and can be reached. Kids speak that language by the age of eleven. What an unbelievable edge.

Your network is your education. Invest in it. Always.

Learn to give to your network, make deposits…push off asking for anything as long as possible. Social Networks are the new banks. Less fees but sadly just as confusing these days.

If you are going to sell, like I said earlier – Salesforce (what I really mean an entry level job at a great enterprise company) is the new IBM. You will get all the training you need at a good enterprise company.

Once working, LinkedIn does all the work on the backend as your work anniversary dates are the chum that feeds the sharks that recruit for the next great company in need of your newfound experience.

A good use of time is to stay current with all enterprise companies that have raised series C or D venture rounds. They have cash, they have growth and they have money to train you with the latest tools.

You are not paid to be a hero. Work for a company whose product is already flying off the shelf!

Treat your time in college like a cash lottery windfall. You can take a few fliers (partying, sleeping in, bad diet), but respect it enough to position yourself properly for the decades ahead.

Hopefully this cheat sheet helps a bit.